Our portfolio of offerings consists of wide spectrum of legal services which cover the following areas broadly:

Broadcasting and Telecommunications Law

Ncube Incorporated Attorneys has extensive knowledge of the Broadcasting, Telecoms and Media Regulation environment.


Ncube Incorporated Attorneys has a strong and dedicated litigation department. We provide advice to Corporates and Organs of State.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Highly experienced with emphasis on contract management; insurance law, insurance investigations, and government procurement advice.

Labour and Employment Law

Our firm has extensive experience in employment law and Labour Relations matters.

Debt Recovery

We have a dynamic approach that entails both soft (call center) and hard recoveries (legal processes).

Public Policy and Administrative Law

Highly knowledgeable about the administrative law framework and policy development.

Road Accident Fund & Personal Injury Claims

We'll help you with past and future accident-related medical expenses

Medical Law

In many cases, with modern day medical technology, complications such as thrombosis and infections in patients who present at hospitals or Doctors rooms early enough, should result in early diagnosis & treatment of the condition to prevent amputation.