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Ncube Inc’s experience with Commercial Law with an emphasis on contract management; insurance law, insurance investigations, and government procurement advice. Our management of a client’s contract spans the lifecycle of a contract from negotiation, drafting, contract management and termination, as well as managing all manner of disputes that emanate from these contracts. We assist our clients from before they enter or sign new contracts as this allows us to offer appropriate advice which allows the client to minimise any potential challenges or disputes arising from any contract. In addition, this allows the client to tailor each contract to a specific need that maximizes savings through the avoidance of potential litigation and the strategic management of its affairs. To that end, we have developed several templates for our clients to use in their respective operations which templates are tailored to their respective legal, regulatory and policy frameworks.

We also assist clients with contract reviews (review of litigious matters). This allows us to advice the client on the most strategic way to pre-emptively manage existing or potential contractual disputes in a cost-effective and efficient manner that allows the client to appropriately allocate resources and minimize any adverse impact that may arise out of such matters before they mature to litigation.

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Ncube Incorporated Attorneys (“Ncube Inc.”) is a law firm that has established a reputation of service excellence for itself. It was founded by Mr. Bafana Ncube in 1998, who is currently the Managing Director thereof. 




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