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In many cases, with modern day medical technology, complications such as thrombosis and infections in patients who present at hospitals or Doctors rooms early enough, should result in early diagnosis & treatment of the condition to prevent amputation.

Birth Injuries

The most joyous occasion in any parents life is the birth of a child. Fortunately, most births are without complication. Sadly, there are times when complications do occur during the pregnancy and/or delivery of a child resulting in dreadful outcomes for the mother and/or child.

Brain Injuries

Unfortunately whilst undergoing medical treatment by medical practitioners at medical facilities, patients do sustain brain injuries which in many cases should and can be prevented. Brain Injuries may have a devastating effect on the patient.

Spinal and Nerve Injuries

Patients who suffer traumatic spinal injuries should be treated according to accepted medical protocol. In some cases, protocols are not adhered to, resulting in permanent paralysis. Sometimes, patients also sustain negligent injuries to a nerve resulting in the paralysis of a limb.

Surgical Injuries and Complications

The reality is that in a small percentage of cases, medical practitioners and/or hospital staff injure patients on the operating table with serious long term complications.

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